" I got the CD from our reading in the mail yesterday. Thank you for sending it - I'm
anxious to listen to it & pick up anything I might have 'missed' on the phone. Thank you
so much for introducing me to the world of Numerology and of being so giving of your
time with me. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation & I can see that you are truly gifted
at what you do. You're so easy to talk to! You portrayed information to me in a way that
was easy for me to understand and process. You've helped me to trust my instincts
more and your advice has allowed me to stop 'waiting to see' if I'm making the right
decision or for something 'better' to come along and just move forward! I feel liberated
by your guidance."

.... Kyle, from Pennsylvania
What Others Have Said After Having A
Numerology Reading With Michael

with   Michael Bisbiglia

" I just wanted to say 'thank you' again for sharing so much of your time with me this
past Saturday evening at Inner Journey in Los Gatos. I Do appreciate it. I think what I
appreciate the most is the validation - something much needed and wanted .....and
something I have searched for, and will probably look for a time. Although so much of
what you shared was enlightening, encouraging, and doggone accurate. The validation
for me is an important issue and it has some amazing powers for me as well, it was
simply an interesting time.
Please do let me know if you ever do a talk or some sort of presentation somewhere in
the area....not only I would come, but I have a few friends who would find it quite a draw
as well. "
........ Heidi
" Our lives are   
guided by the
people we meet"

.... Stephen G. Bisbiglia
" Source is all that
is, therefore, all
that is I am."

       ... Billie G. Drum
" Hi there,
I came into Inner Journey over a year ago and had an amazing reading. I wanted you
to know that it changed my life and set me on a new path of realizing my dreams and
evolving towards goals I have had for many years. I recommended you to many of my
friends who have gone and had readings and "Michael said...." always pops up in our
conversations... a few people have had boyfriends demanding to know "who this
Michael is." I am hoping to get back in for another reading soon since I have now
entered my second phase of life ( I can't remember exactly what you referred to it as).
Since I have been meaning to do this for a year I decided that I should at least tell you
now haw grateful I am, in case it takes me a bit longer. Thank you so much! You have
an amazing gift and the love you have for people radiates from you, please continue
for all our sakes. "
  ...... Joanne